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Top Food Photography Hacks

Looking for tips and hacks to improve your food photography? With a few simple hacks, you can enhance the overall appearance of the images that you click instantly. Food photography is all about getting your job done right. The images that you click and post can tell a bigger picture of the journey traveled and experiences recollected during the shoot.

If you are photo documenting your food journey, then adding some great food shots is an excellent way of capturing the fuller picture of the food culture that you have experienced. To help you get started with pictures of some great cuisines, here are some great food photography hacks that you must know about:

  • Lighting is the Key: Perfect lighting is one of trickiest aspects to master the art of excellent food photography. The interiors of the restaurant or the café could be dull, super dark, candlelit, or even bright –depending on the location of your dining. Unlike other categories of photography, it is hard to know what to expect as far as it comes to ensuring proper lighting for perfect food photography. The best plan here to go ahead with supplementary lighting. Try packing a speedlight for your photography sessions.


  • Maintain Focus: Remember that food photography is just like some product ad –the dish here is the main focus. While you can include some additional foreground as well as background elements to enhance the appearance of the image, it is important to note that the image should not look cluttered with glassware, dishware, napkins, and others. Try including only those items that aim at maintaining the focus on the dish.


  • Angles Matter a Lot: The dish that you will be photographing would dictate your decision of taking photographs from certain angles to amplify the end results. For instance, are you considering taking shots of a perfectly pizza topped pie? Here, the best angles might be the overhead view of the main topping. However, if you are photographing some shots of a strawberry cake, then you can lower down the angle to take some excellent shots of the beautiful layers of the cake. Before thinking about any angle of photography, it is important to follow your instinct towards deciding upon the best angle as per your imagination.


  • Keep the Herbs Fresh: If you wish to get the best out of food images with herbs on them, then always maintain the freshness of the herbs for some great shots. You can keep the herbs fresh at all times by storing them ice water. The fresh-looking herbs on your platter enhance the overall appearance of the food images and make them appealing.


  • Make Fake Steam for the Photos: If the food has turned cold, then you can create fake steam to amplify the looks of the final image. Make use of some soaked cotton balls and microwave them to create the appearance of the fake steam –adding glamour to your food images.


Use these hacks to create the best food photo shoots!

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